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Special Interest Groups and Activities

July 19, 2014

We have a lot of interest in forming both a lady's and men's golf group, a book club, day trips, pinochle club and a welcome committee.  Anyone interested in heading up and organizing any of these activities?  Contact me at mychiccottage@aol.com and I will get the information out to everyone.

May 19, 2014

Anyone for monthly Bunco card group and wine drinking?  Requires a minimum of 12 people (3 groups of 4).  Easy game to play!
Contact Dee Doorakian doorakiand@netscape.net 251-3427

May 19, 2014

Anyone interested in an annual or semi-annual travel club...cruise, tour or destination travel?  Anyone interested in a group "travel" presentation?
Contact Lori and Mark Guerin lguerin@cruiseplanners.com 773-3415

Please email mychiccottage@aol.com with recommendations for special interest activity groups and to volunteer to organize an activity..

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  1. Valentine Craft Class to make a card and treat bag. To be held at 336 Sapphire Lake #201 (building adjacent to the pool) on Thursday, Jan 22 from 2-4p. Cost of class is $5. Please RSVP to Peggy Griffiths at 941-567-5959 hm or cell 928-899-8035 or email: PeggyGriffiths@yahoo.com